What Is an AAC Device?

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices, or AAC devices, are revolutionary tools designed to enhance communication for people who face difficulties in speaking or expressing themselves through traditional means. AAC means all of the ways that someone communicates besides talking. Augmentative means to add to someone’s speech and alternative means to be used instead of speech.

Who can benefit from a communication device?
People who are non-speaking all or some of the time, individuals whose speech is unclear, or an individual who has a significant discrepancy between their understanding of language and their ability to express what they want to say. Some people use AAC throughout their life while others may use AAC only for a short time, like when they have surgery and can't speak.

Whether you're a parent seeking solutions for your child, a therapist exploring new methods, or simply curious about the world of assistive technology, our website offers a comprehensive and compassionate guide to the world of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices, and their profound impact on improving the quality of life for individuals with communication difficulties or who are non-speaking.
If you're curious about how Communication Devices are empowering individuals with communication challenges, you're in the right place!

Reference Guide for iPad Maintenance

Click here to access a copy of our reference guide. This will give you information about maintaining your device, mobile device management, troubleshooting, and app-specific resources.

Open Access Resource Centre sets up iPad-based Communication Devices to be updated and managed through Mobile Device Management (MDM). This enables us to automatically deploy software, updates, and settings and to maintain them as dedicated communication devices.

*Please be aware that while Open Access Resource Centre can access
some information contained on and related to Devices via this remote
management, such as hardware information, OS version, installed apps,
and security settings, it does not have access to cameras, microphones,
files, or photos contained on devices connected to our MDM server.*

To properly maintain your device, it is necessary for the device to have periodic access to a WIFI.

Planning Guides for Modeling

It can be helpful to have a list of words to model when discussing a particular topic. Download and print these pages as a reference for what words you can use when talking about butterflies, the toothfairy, and riding the bus!

Symbol-Based Activities

Download and use these activities as a way to incorporate symbol-based language into every day fun! Countdown the month of December with a target word/symbol each day or write your letter to Santa using your communicaiton device!

AAC Everywhere

Children who use communication devices should have access to their words at all times. Whether in the pool, biking, jumping on a trampoline, or playing with slime, there are ways to use no-tech or light tech solutions to maintain access to their communication.
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