About Us

About Us

About Us

The Open Access Resource Centre (OARC) is committed to improving the lives of Manitobans with communication challenges or who are non-speaking through the use of communication devices. OARC helps individuals receive their own long-term systems as well as providing the supports needed for successful implementation of a device as a communication tool.

There is an application form to fill out and submit to OARC to begin the process of acquiring a device for a child new to our services. OARC provides training and support for families who are maintaining the equipment, for support teams who are learning how to use devices and AAC apps, and for everyone around the successful implementation of such devices.

All Eye-Gaze systems will continue to require an initial assessment by OARC staff which may lead to a short-term 10-week trial.

All other short term equipment loans wills take place on a case by case basis. They are available to trial for determining the best communication system for a child.
Our Mission
To empower individuals with communication challenges, their families, and their communities by providing speech-generating devices and support so everyone's voice is valued.
Our Vision
Everyone has a voice and is heard.

Our Board Of Directors

June 2023 - Present
Jennifer Barthel, President
Shellie Hatch, Past President
Rina Urish, Vice President
Steven Peleck, Secretary/Treasurer
Board Members
Elizabeth Grauer
Donna Passey
Camilla Thorne-Tjomsland
Dorian Phillips
Jill O’Donohue
Jackie Markstrom
Trish Guimond
If you are interested in serving as a member of the Board of Directors, please contact us.

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