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December AACalendar

29 Nov 2023
With the holiday season upon us, we've created a fun way to model symbol-based language every day during the month of December! When we pick a target word each day we can increase exposure to it and highlight how it can be used in different contexts.

Post this AAC holiday themed calendar in your home, classroom, daycare, or wherever you spend your time. You'll get to reveal a new word each day! When you do, talk about the symbol, describe what it looks like and what it means, find it on your device or core board and use it in a sentence! 

Click below to download and print this fun symbol-based calendar! The download includes a version with Symbolstix symbols as well as a version with Boardmaker PCS symbols.

Tip: The page without symbols can be used to hide the symbols on the calendar until you're ready to reveal them.  Happy Holidays!

Giving Tuesday 2024

28 Nov 2023
Sophie is a beautiful and funny four-year-old who is learning to use a specialized communication app on her iPad to communicate! She can push buttons on her device that will then speak out loud. Sophie's family is now getting to know her better - she likes to tease by slyly pressing the wrong button and then bursts out laughing! Her family has never seen this side of her before! Sophie was able to ask her mom to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" all on her own. It was a very emotional moment hearing Sophie independently ask for what she wanted for the very first time.

By making a donation you become a part of the communication journey for children – your gift today will give two children a voice tomorrow!  Everyone has the right to express themselves and build connections with others!

Camp yAAC 2023 Highlights

13 Sept 2023
With the support of a group of dedicated volunteers, OARC hosts Camp yAAC every summer at Camp Manitou in Headingley, Manitoba. It is our FAVOURITE time of year! Fifteen campers join us for a fun camp experience while being immersed in augmentative and alternative communication. We can't wait for Camp yAAC in July 2024!

Light-tech AAC

22 Aug 2023
Everyday there are occasions when using a high-tech device isn't compatible with the activity or environment you're in. You can't take your iPad into the pool or out in the snow. Sometimes even the reflection of the sun on the screen makes using our high tech device difficult. But we still need to have access to language and communication to engage with those around us at ALL times! Light-tech AAC is perfect for activities when using an iPad is just not possible or safe.

Take screenshots of important pages, print them off, laminate & hang with zip-ties or binder clips & jump or splash to your heart's content!

We recommend printing large vinyl boards (2' x 3') to hang around the school (in the gym, hallways, and classroom) or outside near the playground or by your water table.
We've had success using VistaPrint to print our own:
Assistiveware has their own link to print these using Zazzle:
TobiiDynavox can also be contacted to order large coreboards directly from them.

Popular iDevice Case Types

5 Aug 2023
We often get questions about what type of case is most appropriate for an individual. Scroll through the attached information to see the most popular cases we purchase for children. Please share with us if you've come across a different case type not featured here that you also love!
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Information About How OARC Manages Communication Devices

10 Aug 2023
For the past couple of years, we have been setting up communication devices for children using a remote management system. This enables us to provide better troubleshooting support and to ensure that a system is running properly so children using AAC always have access to their communication. See the attached for more details about what this means!
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